Marion Ellis

Marion Ellis

Being in the ‘business of surveying’ can come in all shapes and sizes, flavours and types. I have seen it all and I’m constantly amazed at how resilient and creative surveyors – largely known for their technical ability, can be.

And yet, they often fall into a pattern of building a business that becomes a mini replica of a larger corporate, because how we define and celebrate our success is largely based on what we see and small businesses and independent surveyors are often not visible due to confidence, time or know-how. What we don’t see are the thousands of surveyors running meaningful life-friendly businesses, or trying to be. Our culture doesn’t celebrate it or encourage it but I do.

With over 20 years of experience in the private residential property valuation sector, I understand the challenges many in my profession face. I’ve seen this industry from every side and spent much of my career focused on customer complaints and claims and specialising in valuation and defect claims. I worked in both corporate and SME environments, before getting off the exhausting treadmill and working for myself.

So, I know the terrain and I know how important it is to find a path through it that feels right for you because when you set yourself up for success, you become your version of successful. And you enjoy it.