Brian Purcell

Brian Purcell

Brian Purcell is the Business Development Manager for Nissan’s  Zero Emissions Division.

With over 20 years experience in the Automotive industry, Brian has led the development of Ireland’s electric car business since its inception in 2010.Since then, he has worked with the Irish government, state agencies and stakeholders under a signed MOU with a mission to tackle climate change, oil dependency and air quality issues, through electrified transport.

As a thought leader, he has worked on projects and partnerships that merge the electric car with the built environment and the grid through innovation and technology. His vision has led to projects featuring EVs as mobile storage batteries ,with vehicle to grid and vehicle to building capability, giving Nissan a leadership position that goes beyond the car.Building Ireland’s first electric car dealer network, first DC  rapid charging infrastructure and being market leader in electric vehicles every year for 10 years consecutively are some of his success stories to date.

Brian has continually expanded Nissan’s client list ,which contains the leading organisations of Ireland’s public and private sector and of course the motoring public. With a fourfold growth in EV demand ,there has never been a more challenging time to try to meet the customer’s needs and equally the stakes have never been so high for doing so.