Paul Gleeson

Paul brings a combination of academic qualifications and some very rich life experience to the work he does with his clients.

His life experiences coupled with his professional education have given Paul an in-depth understanding and passion for the role that mindset, nutrition and exercise play in optimal performance in business and in life. When it comes to squeezing every last drop of potential out of his own professional and personal life, Paul hasn’t held back.

He has rowed across the Atlantic Ocean, cycled across Australia and has also rowed 1,900km through the Canadian Arctic. Paul works independently as a performance consultant and is also a co-founder of Below the Line where he is part of a team that shares his philosophy about the importance of looking inwards to bring ourselves to new heights in the pursuit of meaningful goals

Author of the book “Crossing the Swell”, Paul is a Business Studies graduate of the University of Limerick, a Qualified Financial Adviser and also holds a Certificate in Professional Coaching from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver.