Mauro Di Porzio

Andrea and Mauro both have a strong Sales and Marketing Background. Both Italians of origin, they have been living in Ireland for a long time.

Mauro, with a degree in Communication, moved from Milan to Dublin in 2005 and worked in Sales for a Multinational for 7 years. He then invested in the Irish property market (real estate is one of its passions) and started up his own online business promoting short term corporate rentals in Dublin.

Andrea, with a degree in Marketing, moved from Rome to Dublin in 2015. He previously worked as an ICT Sales Consultant for 3 years before starting his own business in Rome, where he was promoting online a large portfolio of properties for short term corporate rentals.

When Mauro and Andrea met in Ireland in 2015 decided to put together their own experiences in promoting properties online. They understood the importance of 3D and Virtual Reality technology as a powerful Marketing tool, both to acquire more business from Property Owners and to reach more qualified (and remote) Buyers/Tenants.

The result of this experience is, which offers a range of innovative 3D and VR Solutions to Professionals who want to lead the way in the new Property-Tech Sector.