Marian Finnegan

Marian Finnegan is the chief economist and director of research with the Sherry FitzGerald Group.  Marian graduated from NUI Galway with a Bachelor of Arts and subsequently completed a Masters of Arts in Economics in 1993. In 1996, Marian joined Sherry FitzGerald Group having worked for a number of years in academia where she specialised in urban economics. While working in academia, Marian lectured economics to undergraduate level at both the University of Limerick and the Shannon College of Hotel Management, which is affiliated to NUI Galway.  While working in University of Limerick, she was also involved in an international research team whose function was to analyse the development of European cities.

Marian was appointed an Associate Director of Sherry FitzGerald in 1997 and a Director of Sherry FitzGerald in 1998. She is also the spokesperson for the Group and regularly writes and lectures on the property market.