Tim McCarthy

Tim McCarthy

Tim has over thirty years R&D experience in Geographical Information Science and Earth Observation, specialising in a number of research areas including;

  • Geospatial Analysis & Modelling
  • Earth Observation: Satellite, Airborne & Terrestrial Mapping Systems
  • Autonomous Technologies including Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) – Drones
  • Web & Mobile Geospatial Information Services
  • Spatial Decision Support (Cloud-based) Platforms

He is currently Principal Investigator on SFI Strategic Research Partnership U-Flyte, leading a team of ten researchers to develop novel solutions for unmanned aircraft system airspace (U-Space), unmanned aircraft systems traffic management (UTM) and downstream application information services based around wide-area, swarm mapping, object-detection & tracking and drone delivery models.

He also manages a small number of R&D projects together with associated researchers in Precision Agriculture, Road Safety Risk Analysis, Data Standards, Maritime Monitoring and Emergency Management. He provides RTDI support to a number of start-up ventures based around geospatial science & technology including; Earth Observation, Mobile Mapping, Decision Support and Drones. He sits (appointed 2015) as the Irish National delegate for the Copernicus programme in Brussels.

He has led (PI/Co-PI) more than thirty externally funded research projects (>€26m), continues to supervise PhDs/MSc candidates and has spun-out two University companies over his past fifteen years at Maynooth.

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