Ross Gissane

Ross Gissane

Ross Gissane, a seasoned professional in the real estate sector, stands out for his expertise in technical due diligence, project management, and strategic consultancy. Armed with a degree in Building Surveying from the University of Reading and Chartered status from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, Ross seamlessly merges academic knowledge with industry acumen.

With a career spanning over two decades, including a significant tenure as Managing Director of Property & Investment UK and Ireland at Arcadis, Ross possesses insights into global commercial real estate and portfolio management.

Having completed the Oxford Artificial Intelligence Programme, Ross has developed a robust understanding of AI’s potential and ethical dimensions. His ability to assess AI’s impact across industries positions him to provide valuable insights on Global Collaborations in AI. In his presentation, Ross will emphasize the critical role of education, necessary skill sets, and the establishment of standards in the AI landscape.

Throughout his career, Ross has demonstrated a knack for responsible technology integration, driving enhanced service delivery, cost-effectiveness, and sustainable growth. His passion for ethical AI implementation and human-centric design shines through his innovative applications of AI throughout various stages of building lifecycles and business operations.