Second Day Social Activities
Those staying over have a range of social activities to choose from that can be arranged at Carton House on 1 April including:

  • Member cycle (details below),
  • Golf,
  • Tennis,
  • Hiking, or
  • Fishing.

Member Cycle
Voluntary €20 charity donation – from all involved in the bike ride. All levels welcome. Everybody will need a properly maintained road bike to participate.

There will be no bike mechanical service on the morning. (Please ensure your bike is safe & reliable & has working gears & breaks to ensure safety of all involved)

Planning to depart Carton House at 10am – meet in carpark, at main hotel, at 9.30.

The route will take approx. 2 hours but will mainly be flat (with a few rolling hills), all in the general Leixlip & Maynooth environs.


  1. Helmet – (NO HELMET, NO CYCLE!)
  2. Sun glasses
  3. Cycle Shoes (& Over shoes)
  4. Sufficient layers for all eventualities;
    (base layers / Jackets / Gloves / hats etc)
  5. Nutrition / Water
  6. Post cycle change of clothes

We will be partaking of the customary coffee (and bun) stop at around halfway. All welcome!!!!

After booking into the conference just drop an email to subject “Conference Cycle” with your details.

To book other activities, visit: